Five HR Trends in “China 2.0”

Five HR trends "China 2.0"

This article has been provided by Fiducia Executive Search, China Partner for Lense & Lumen

There are no “one size fits all” solutions to the problems of finding, retaining, and developing talent, but businesses facing similar setbacks tend to come up with similar strategies. These are 5 common ways in which international companies are solving HR challenges in China.

1. Re-think your candidate profile

Multinationals have traditionally had a clear idea of which positions they want to fill with expats, and which ones they need local talent for. Increasingly, the nationality of candidates is not specified by employers and recruiters from the outset, largely because the pool of Chinese professionals with international experience has expanded. Identifying cases where traditional assumptions no longer apply is an easy way of broadening your pool of potential candidates.

2. Build a talent pipeline

Searching for talent is becoming an ongoing and proactive effort rather than a reactive action when there’s a vacancy to be filled. Measures such as maintaining a strong industry network and investing in employer branding can help you build a pipeline of potential candidates. In industries where scarce or highly specialised skills are needed, our clients engage Fiducia’s Talent Mapping service to identify and start building relationships with candidates they might one day need.

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Arrowman / Fiducia meeting in Paris

Benoît Andrade, Philippe Millot and Alexis Brodsky were very pleased to welcome Stefan Kracht and Pierre Gargatte from Fiducia in Arrowman‘s office in Paris on April 15th.

This interesting meeting was the opportunity to consider how L&L Advisory Group can provide Executive Search services to our clients in France and in China.

Four tips that make the headhunter call you

Four tips that make the headhunter call you

Headhunters are the almost mythical characters who have chosen you for the vacant top job. Or what? Not quite. Perhaps your strong profile and merits have made your profile interesting on Google and LinkedIn, and maybe you sparkle in our CV database. But how do you even make sure that we are going to call you? What do you say when we call? And what can you use in the long run? I have collected 4 tips that will dress you up before, during and after the headhunter’s call and tell a little about how we can help each other. One service is usually worth the other.

Headhunters are not just a voice at the other end of the phone. We are effective partners who can boost your career both in the short and long term – if you help us too. For example, you can generate and qualify leads for our business and thus make us better. In other words, we need each other, and that also counts, even though we may have to offer the specific job to another candidate. If you consider our interest in you as the start of a collaboration that can last for many years, then you have already come a long way. The interaction and the initial conversation are of course crucial for whether it is you, we and the company ultimately aim for. But it also sets the stage for future cooperation, which should be between us as headhunters and you as a candidate. It is about being prepared and knowing the conditions and perspectives. So here are 4 good tips that give you a head start already before the phone rings.

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L&L meeting between France & China in Shanghai

L&L meeting

Interesting and friendly visit of our French partner (ARROWMAN Executive Search) to our Chinese partner (Fiducia Executive Search) in Shanghai.

Thank you to Alexander Vnuk and to Dora Zhong for their warm welcome!
This was the opportunity to strengthen the links between France and China within L&L Advisory Group, and to see how we can develop business together !


On March 21-22, 2019, Lense & Lumen Advisory Group members have met in Copenhagen in order to reinforce our cooperation by sharing experience, know-how and best practices to provide high-level services to our clients.