Our Lense & Lumen China member Fiducia Management Consultants participated as a panelist in the HR workshop of the 2019 Greater China Day of the German Chamber in Stuttgart

During the discussion with representatives from medium sized German businesses in China, Thaddaeus Mueller shared his experience on finding the best talents for ‘Mittelstand’ clients.

Some of the key learnings & audience questions:

  • How can we use AI in recruitment processes? -> Carefully & selectively, keeping in mind important candidate character traits like ‘hands-on’ + a ‘fit into Mittelstand culture’ are hard(er) to assess via AI.
  • How can Mittelstand companies in China improve their EVP (=employer value proposition)? -> Low hanging fruit: highlight your company history in Chinese HR brochures and your jobs website. For Chinese candidates it is inspiring and impressive to see their future employer is owned & managed in the 3rd or 4th generation of a family.
  • Are graduates in China from the German dual education system undergoing the same curriculum and tests as in Germany? -> Not exactly, there is a local amendment which qualifies students in the most suitable way to succeed in the local employment market and to add value for their employers.

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