The SYNNOV’s 28th Rendez-vous of Innovation on October 7th at the French Senate

Arrowman Executive Search, partner of the SYNNOV (an independent organization that promotes Innovation), participated in the presentation of Navi Radjou‘s latest book “The Guide to Frugal Innovation” and its practical illustration by Fadwa Sube’s “French Dream Town” project in China.

We warmly thank all of the participants!

Navi Radjou, who had already presented his books at the French Senate, particularly “Frugal Innovation, Jugaad” 5 years ago, extended his “Do better with less” reflection, by insisting on the values and the vision of better growth, respectful of the diversity of talents and of the environment. His vision is engaged, meaningful and very human all at once.

Fadwa Sube, head of the “French Dream Town” project in Hangzhou (China), illustrates this vision of “Sustainability” and “Art of Living” by bringing together talents from various cultural fields and trades.

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