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The “augmented” CIO

The augmented CIO

Sorry for the readers who are looking for the miracle recipe to improve their resources, this article only refers to the augmented man and the skills immediately expected of him before reaching it… It aims to highlight the current expectations of companies from CIOs, CTOs and Enterprise Architects. It points out the new expectations that companies have for these profiles, that are essential to successful transformation in today’s environment of strong economic uncertainty and deep human change.

The more technologies offer new opportunities and accelerate change by fostering the emergence of agile and less hierarchical organizations, the more human qualities are highlighted by the managers and decision-makers in the Digital, Big Data and IT world. AI, DATA, IOT, Digital, Cloud, Cybersecurity, a large choice of new Saas applications and integration of flows: these are the stakes! Today, it is possible to improve the performance of the company and the monitoring of the results, almost instantaneously, provided you have the proper infrastructures with reliable and secured data.

In the magma of existing applications and architectures, the decision-maker of new technologies must be able to analyze the targeted architecture and new applications in order to anticipate the construction of a new IS. Once he’s analyzed the new tools needed by the company, he must verify the reliability of the suppliers, their sustainability and their economic relevance by considering the cost of the transformation… the gain in ROI is at this price!

Communicating and showing empathy and pedagogy, is necessary in order to convince business managers and savvy users, who have for the most part already succeeded in their trades and already experienced various changes since the more or less painful implementations of the ERP. Many professionals have seen some top digital champions not always keeping their promises.

We talk a lot about « soft skills » that are essential for the success of these profiles. This rapid evolution is a real challenge for companies and for these professionals themselves who have had to appropriate these new technologies and new ways of transforming their teams and company.

As a recruiter and expert in technology management functions, I am impressed by the qualities of these leaders, to whom I would like to pay tribute for their ability to adapt and their capacity to accompany these successive revolutions. More and more HRDs are aware of these challenges that all employees will be faced with in the future.

Technological complexity, integration of new infrastructures and new applications in multi-site and international contexts in response to pressing needs and sometimes in unsuccessful organizations… I wish to salute these women and men who humbly accompany this revolution that is technological and especially human!

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