Digital Transformation: supporting structures and systems

Digital Transformation- supporting structures and systems

In less than four seconds one can bring order to chaos. When speaking of «chaos», we think of the state you can see on the left side in our photo. And when speaking of «order», the one on the right. In this short amount of time it is possible to get the colourful little cubes in orderly paths of the same colours. We admit: It is not us who set this record to solve the famous «Rubik’s Cube», but Yusheng Du, the current record holder in speedcubing. (Guinness World Records, Fastest time to solve a Rubik’s Cube, 2018).

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Arrowman celebrates its 16th anniversary: THANK YOU ALL for your trust!


For its 16th anniversary, Arrowman Executive Search would like to thank all of its loyal Partners and its team of Associates, Consultants and Researchers, for their continued work and investment during this very particular period with the same commitment and spirit of service that has been driving us since June 2004.

Ranked among the best Executive Search firms by Les Echos for the 3rd consecutive year, we confirm our commitment to provide you with the best quality of service and efficient solutions.

A big thank you to all the leaders who chose Arrowman Executive Search and to all the candidates who dared to change companies in this context of crisis.

This message is also an opportunity for me to announce that we will significantly strengthen our advisory role with entrepreneurs to help them get through this difficult milestone and make the best choices!