Health, happiness and revival in 2021!

Health, Happiness and revival in 2021!

After working alongside entrepreneurs throughout 2020, Arrowman Executive Search reaffirms its commitment to provide support to Executives in their recruitment challenges, from defining their needs to building high-performance teams and analysing their respective competitive environments.

The Covid-19 crisis, which greatly disrupted the year 2020, has left indelible traces in the business world. It has also radically accelerated the changes that had already been at work for several years. There is no doubt that this crisis will structure the future of our companies. In a context that is still changing, where uncertainty is becoming the only certainty, the human qualities inherent to entrepreneurs have become more crucial than ever. Innovation, creativity, agility, adaptability and resilience, as well as an in-depth understanding of technologies and the way they are interwoven into our businesses, are all skills that will need to be mobilized in 2021 to prepare for the revival.

History reminds us that times of crisis are propitious to reflect on the evolution of our business models. Our conviction at Arrowman Executive Search is that by anticipating the evolution of organizations, reinventing our processes and developing new business lines, we can prepare for the ” new world”. Over the next few months, all of our Associate Directors will be focusing on this vision. They will be sharing their best practices with you, so that you may join this dynamic regardless of your sector of activity. Cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data management, IoT… Let’s get ready: the disruptions to come are as plentiful as they are exciting.

While awaiting to take up these challenges with our Clients and Partners, Arrowman Executive Search reaffirms its will to be a major player in consultancy and recruitment by direct approach, by capitalizing on its strong values: innovation and entrepreneurship. In a context where recruitment is at the heart of economic recovery, providing more strategic advice to Senior Executives is our priority for the year 2021. The challenges that await us in the coming months are significant, but they are surmountable. All of our collective intelligence will, once again this year, be mobilized at your side.

Arrowman Executive Search’s team joins me in thanking you for your loyalty and wishing you a very happy New Year 2021, synonymous with health, happiness and revival!

Jean-Pierre Scandella, CEO of Arrowman Executive Search

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