Lense & Lumen Advisory Group meeting in Milano

Lense & Lumen Advisory Group meeting in Milano

Lense & Lumen Advisory Group members have met in Milano in order to reinforce our cooperation by sharing experience, know-how and best practices to provide high-level services to our clients.

Jean-Michel Fürst

” We enjoyed a very dynamic and professional meeting in Milan with our partner association Lense & Lumen Advisory Group.
During this meeting we were able to welcome yet another member.

We closed a gap in the US with our new partner TH BENDER, who were introduced to us by our Chinese partner Thaddäus Müller from Fiducia Executive Search.
Thank you, Thaddäus, for sharing with us this perfect match in the US!
We are very proud of this expansion of L&L members all over the world.
Now, we are ready to conquer new markets and business partners for our clients.”

Jean-Michel Fürst, Founder & Managing Director of De Bord International


L&L Advisory Group meeting in Milano

New partner TH BENDER

Expansion of L&L members

New partnership

New partner meeting

L&Lmeeting in MilanoMeeting in Milano


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