TH Bender and Partners, Incorporated joins Lense & Lumen Advisory Group

TH Bender and Partners joins Lense & Lumen Advisory Group

The entire Lense & Lumen Advisory Group team is delighted to welcome TH Bender and Partners, Inc. as a new member !

TH Bender is the leading American executive search company serving companies headquartered outside North America.

As a strong enabler of successful transatlantic trade, T.H. Bender & Partners, Inc. gives their clients a competitive edge by connecting subsidiaries to first-rate, local executives who understand the professional and cultural requirements of European companies in North America as well as cultural nuances.

Having successfully completed hundreds of executive search mandates since its inception 15 years ago, TH Bender has contributed greatly to the success of European subsidiaries in the US by providing sustainable leadership solutions and turning strategic objectives into business reality.

More info on the company, its activities and expert consultants

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