L&L Meeting in Milan

Meeting Milan

As we usually do at least twice a year, all L&L members met on March 21 & 22 in Milan.

One of the most important topics of this meeting was to exchange ideas and solutions regarding the current economic situation in Europe: indeed, most of our economies are booming, the working market is very active and it has become much harder to find and to attract talent. In this exciting but also challenging context, we think that our role is to support our Clients by being more attractive and more reactive. In this “war of talents” we concluded that “Pay attention to people” should be one of the key factors of success.

Another important topic of this meeting was our expansion: we are proud and happy to announce that L&L Advisory Group now has two new members in Sweden and in Italy. We would like to introduce and welcome Högström & Co and Arethusa. Both are well known and well established in their own countries, they have strong experience and expertise in the Executive Search industry, and they share the L&L Advisory Group DNA: a high level of professionalism, commitment and service, and strong human values. We invite our clients and partners to start using their services.


Transformation & development of Mid-Caps

Transformation & development of Mid-Caps

ARROWMAN Executive Search is a long-time partner of entrepreneurs and leaders of Mid-Caps and family owned companies. Our specialised and experienced consultants address specific issues such as: structuring direction comities, succession planning, digital transformation, IPO, manufacturing organisation…

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

We are pleased to wish you very happy holidays!

Let 2018 a year full of new opportunities and growth.

Lense & Lumen Advisory Group Partners

Germany’s best Human Resources consultant

Whom do companies trust when it comes to filling specialist and management positions?

For the second time, WirtschaftsWoche in cooperation with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung (German Association for Human Resources Management) examined the market of personnel consultants. 1,150 HR decision-makers from German companies evaluated the consultations with regard to performance and quality.

Dr. Maier + Partner was honoured as leading industry champion in the field of machine and plant construction/industry.

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Automotive suppliers: from electric vehicle to shared economy

Automotive suppliers: from electric vehicle to shared economy

The development of the electric vehicle and the arrival of the autonomous vehicle mark a revolution that not only impacts car manufacturers but also automotive suppliers. Read more

Meeting in Helsinki

Meeting in Helsinki

Our founding members have met in Helsinki in order to exchange about their own activities and reinforce the cohesion between the companies.

Meet our international network

International network


Back to work … A nice opportunity to meet our international network !

Lense & Lumen Advisory is an international network co-owned by 5 independent European Executive Search & HR Consultancy firms.
We are pleased to present you our interactive map allowing you to discover our 5 founding firms but also our worldwide partners.
In the next few weeks we will introduce each of our partners: stay tuned.

Don’t hesitate to contact us : for any international search we have a solution !

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CFO promoted to CEO: a passing trend or a real change?

The recent nominations, particularly in the CAC 40, of former CFO to positions of CEO or COO (Danone, AccordHotels, Engie…), more than being emblematic of a trend, appear to translate a deep and durable transformation of the organisation of the companies.

Let’s talk about the context: companies evolve in an environment that is increasingly complex; we can assume that the finance function provides a relevant analysis key, objectively opposable, likely to give credit to a strategy.

Guardian of the financial picture of the company, the CFO has, in recent years, seen its function expand its prerogative to become an indispensable steering lever of the company.

The CFO translates the business and economical situation into financial figures, evaluates the risks and proposes action plans.

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Innovation and digitalization of Mid-Caps, how to identify new growth levers?

The 3500 Mid-Caps and Family Owned Companies play a vital role in the French economy. Thanks to their long-term vision, they sustain their economic cycles and invest durably. They contribute to innovation, creation of value and employment in our country.


How do Mid-Caps approach the digital transformation of the economy?

ARROWMAN Executive Search, who carries out 35% of its recruitment missions of executives and directors for Mid-Caps and Family Owned Companies, has noticed that Mid-Caps, who are traditionally more innovative than firms, are rather behind on these subjects.

By conducting a more in-depth analysis, we’ve observed that the situation is quite heterogeneous and essentially depends on the dynamic generated by the Leaders. Consequently, Mid-Caps are very prudent in their technological choices.

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Compensation study 2017 – German medium-size companies

The Dr. Maier + Partner compensation study 2017 is now also available in English language. The study gives an excellent overview on MD and General Management compensation in mid caps and family owned companies. The results are of specific interest for international campanies recruiting for their German subsidiaries.