Not one face-to-face interview? Nevermind, you’re hired.

Not one face-to-face interview

Recruiting senior talent in China in 2020 has seen one of the most challenging years so far. Now that business picks up across industries in China, many of our clients realize they need additional talents to accomplish their goals for the year. Many industries report full order books for the next 6 months plus, hence unfreezing the hiring stop is the only reasonable response.

But how to hire senior talents with confidence without ever seeing a candidate in person?

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Arrowman Executive Search starts 2020’s last quarter with a strengthened team!


In this unprecedented sanitary and economic context, Arrowman Executive Search brought together its teams this week for a seminar to mark the start of its new fiscal year.

On this occasion, the Strategic Committee (Jean-Pierre Scandella, Franck Pasquet & Benoit Andrade) had the pleasure of welcoming on behalf of the whole team:

These three personalities reinforce our team of Associate Directors, Consultants, Researchers and Partners committed to carrying out customized missions for our Clients in France and abroad.

We wish you all a profitable business period and we would be happy to assist you in your future projects.

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Hervé Novelli is joining Arrowman Executive Search as Vice President

Hervé Novelli and Jean-Pierre Scandella

Arrowman Executive Search’s team is very pleased to announce the arrival of Hervé Novelli, former Minister of Commerce, Crafts, Mid-caps, Tourism, Services and Consumer Affairs as well as President of API (Association of Independent Platforms) and Wine Tourism in France.

Hervé Novelli is joining Arrowman Executive Search as Vice President in order to strengthen our advisory dimension for entrepreneurs and help them in their strategic and human choices during this period of economic turbulence.

Hervé made the choice to invest in Arrowman Executive Search, firm of entrepreneurs and innovation.

The whole team of the firm joins me to congratulate and welcome him! “

Jean-Pierre Scandella, CEO

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Digital Transformation: supporting structures and systems

Digital Transformation- supporting structures and systems

In less than four seconds one can bring order to chaos. When speaking of «chaos», we think of the state you can see on the left side in our photo. And when speaking of «order», the one on the right. In this short amount of time it is possible to get the colourful little cubes in orderly paths of the same colours. We admit: It is not us who set this record to solve the famous «Rubik’s Cube», but Yusheng Du, the current record holder in speedcubing. (Guinness World Records, Fastest time to solve a Rubik’s Cube, 2018).

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Arrowman celebrates its 16th anniversary: THANK YOU ALL for your trust!


For its 16th anniversary, Arrowman Executive Search would like to thank all of its loyal Partners and its team of Associates, Consultants and Researchers, for their continued work and investment during this very particular period with the same commitment and spirit of service that has been driving us since June 2004.

Ranked among the best Executive Search firms by Les Echos for the 3rd consecutive year, we confirm our commitment to provide you with the best quality of service and efficient solutions.

A big thank you to all the leaders who chose Arrowman Executive Search and to all the candidates who dared to change companies in this context of crisis.

This message is also an opportunity for me to announce that we will significantly strengthen our advisory role with entrepreneurs to help them get through this difficult milestone and make the best choices!


Dr. Maier + Partner receives Germany’s BEST PERSONNEL ADVISER 2019 award

Dr. Maier + Partner Best Personnel Adviser

All Dr.Maier + Partner’ team would like to thank its customers for this award:

Our customers have awarded us for the third time in a row: GERMANY’S BEST PERSONNEL ADVISORS 2019.

In the current “Wirtschaftswoche” ranking, we were rated “excellent” in the “Mechanical and plant engineering (incl. Industry and metal)” category.

Many thanks for the trust you have placed in us!


New look for De Bord International

Fall presents itself in a beautiful new range of colours. We decorate ourselves with our newly developed website. Since last week, DE BORD INTERNATIONAL is presenting itself in a coloured, elegant, digital look. We have further refined our proven profile and aligned our common credo to the future. We cordially invite you to browse on our new page and are eager to hear your feedback. Which may of course also be face to face. We are looking forward to the conversation with you. Very analogue. Read more

Next Ways Learning Trip in Tallinn!

Next ways Learning Trip to Tallinn

Franck Pasquet, Associate Director in charge of Digital at Arrowman Executive Search, passionate about Digital Transformations, Data, Interoperability and therefore Cybersecurity, participated in a two-day Learning Trip organized by Next Ways in Tallinn – Estonia – the first digital nation in the world. Read more

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The “augmented” CIO

The augmented CIO

Sorry for the readers who are looking for the miracle recipe to improve their resources, this article only refers to the augmented man and the skills immediately expected of him before reaching it… It aims to highlight the current expectations of companies from CIOs, CTOs and Enterprise Architects. It points out the new expectations that companies have for these profiles, that are essential to successful transformation in today’s environment of strong economic uncertainty and deep human change.

The more technologies offer new opportunities and accelerate change by fostering the emergence of agile and less hierarchical organizations, the more human qualities are highlighted by the managers and decision-makers in the Digital, Big Data and IT world. AI, DATA, IOT, Digital, Cloud, Cybersecurity, a large choice of new Saas applications and integration of flows: these are the stakes! Today, it is possible to improve the performance of the company and the monitoring of the results, almost instantaneously, provided you have the proper infrastructures with reliable and secured data. Read more

Why should you invite external members to join your board of directors?

Board meeting

Have you ever wondered why you should have and how you can select external board members? Here is Håkan Cöster’s take on it. Håkan is the senior partner of Lense & Lumen’s Swedish member firm Högström & Co Management AB

Why should I elect external board members on our board when we have managed all these years? This is a common question many family- and/or privately-operated companies ask themselves.

According to regulations in most countries, all companies should have a board of directors. However, in several companies this only exists on paper. Instead it is common that the CEO is a member together with his/her family and that a real board work isn’t performed. This often due to a fear of bringing in external board members and by doing so also giving them insight into the company. However, most of these companies would in fact, perform better if they elected external board members and carried out proper board works. If a company for example, has plans for expansion they could benefit a lot from the knowledge and experience of external board members.

Is there a risk that there will be too much bureaucracy when you elect external board members?

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