The SYNNOV’s 28th Rendez-vous of Innovation on October 7th at the French Senate

Arrowman Executive Search, partner of the SYNNOV (an independent organization that promotes Innovation), participated in the presentation of Navi Radjou‘s latest book “The Guide to Frugal Innovation” and its practical illustration by Fadwa Sube’s “French Dream Town” project in China.

We warmly thank all of the participants!

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Robert Sadjak new partner at Dr Maier + Partner

Robert Sadjak new partner at dr Maier

Robert Sadjak has a lot of experience in identification and developing executives, specialists and talents.

After his successful degree of business administration he was working 15 years at big international FMCG companies in national and regional roles – 7 years on executive level. Furthermore he founded and grew a platform start-up in the HR and experience segment. These very different experiences led to a comprehensive view on people and business management.

His segment and client focus at Dr. Maier + Partner is on executive search for the first and second management level for manufacturing industries, FMCGs, grown Start-Ups and Consultancies – very often in an international context. Additionally he consults all size of businesses on growth and digitalization strategies and for brand building topics.    

Our Lense & Lumen China member Fiducia Management Consultants participated as a panelist in the HR workshop of the 2019 Greater China Day of the German Chamber in Stuttgart

During the discussion with representatives from medium sized German businesses in China, Thaddaeus Mueller shared his experience on finding the best talents for ‘Mittelstand’ clients.

Some of the key learnings & audience questions:

  • How can we use AI in recruitment processes? -> Carefully & selectively, keeping in mind important candidate character traits like ‘hands-on’ + a ‘fit into Mittelstand culture’ are hard(er) to assess via AI.
  • How can Mittelstand companies in China improve their EVP (=employer value proposition)? -> Low hanging fruit: highlight your company history in Chinese HR brochures and your jobs website. For Chinese candidates it is inspiring and impressive to see their future employer is owned & managed in the 3rd or 4th generation of a family.
  • Are graduates in China from the German dual education system undergoing the same curriculum and tests as in Germany? -> Not exactly, there is a local amendment which qualifies students in the most suitable way to succeed in the local employment market and to add value for their employers.

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Plastic and Rubber Machinery Manufacturers in China experience record low fluctuation and stable headcount growth

On the day prior to the Chinaplas opening, a newly released Salary Survey found that German and Austrian machinery manufacturers in the plastics and rubber industry saw the staff size of their Chinese entities grow steadily over the last six years.  Similarly to 2017, the majority of respondents have a staff size of above 100 employees, up from 10-50 employees in 2013 and 2015.

The survey, conducted for the fourth time by Fiducia Executive Search in cooperation with the German mechanical engineering association VDMA, tracks salary, recruitment, retention, and HR trends in China among the association’s member companies. 

Alongside growing staff size, the findings also showcase a continuously low staff turnover rate of less than 5% (compared to an industry average of 21%) as well as an increase in the use of mobile marketing for recruitment. 

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4 things you need to know about your future employees

You might as well get used to the idea and prepare yourself for the task. The generation that is currently in the process of passing through the education system and into the companies places great demands on you as a leader. For better or for worse. The Millennials are digitally native, razor-sharp and top-motivated, but they also fight some ghosts that will scare you if you are not prepared. If you are, you can use most of the ghosts constructively.

At least one thing is for sure: they are not like you and me, the generation that is heading out into the companies, and thus becoming your employees and colleagues in the coming many years. The Millennium generation, the digital natives, the pampered generation – it goes by many names. And like any other generation, the terms cover a number of characteristics that you, as a leader, need to know if you want to make sure your new employees thrive, produce, and deliver. When you plunge into describing an entire generation in this way, there are, of course, talk of generalizations. Here too. I paint with the wide brush and I admit it. But I’m not alone. The American author and lecturer, Simon Sinek, has identified four overriding features that The Millennials have in the baggage. You can hear him talk about them in the video here. The video is inspiring and there are many truths in it, but I still think it lacks something. Namely, focus on how you, as a leader, can utilize the properties that Sinek by far way only sees problems in.

Let us take the challenges one by one and look at what risks they contain – and opportunities.

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Arrowman celebrated its 15th Anniversary on June 18th, 2019!

Arroman birthday

On the evening of June 18th, Arrowman Excutive Search celebrated its 15th Anniversary in a friendly and convivial atmosphere!

Our whole team was delighted to welcome those who contribute to the success of this great entrepreneurial and human adventure.

We warmly thank all of our guests.

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New partnership with Impulsion RH!

On the eve of its 15th anniversary, ARROWMAN Executive Search is pleased to announce its partnership with Impulsion RH, a company specialized in executive coaching and consulting, led by its President Estelle Fontaine. In a context of global transformation, we are strengthening our consultancy offer in order to improve the performance of organizations and the integration of new talents


Digital transformation: Make or Decline!

In this digital revolution era, businesses and institutions have to adapt, and this leads to many questions and debates. It was on this theme that D2A (Digital to accelerate) and Arrowman Executive Search’s after work took place on board the « La Balle au Bond » barge.

The evening began with a round table introducing the new book « Why your next boss will be Chinese » by Denis Jacquet, entrepreneur and founder of Day One Event. The discussion focused on global technological and economic issues and their impact on business organizations, particularly in the area of Human Resources.

Led by Pascal Bécache and Didier Tranchier, D2A’s Associate Directors, the round table was composed of three guests: author and entrepreneur Denis Jacquet, the president of Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Fabienne Delaplace-Lavoix and Jean-Pierre Scandella, Managing Director of Arrowman Executive Search, who were able to exchange very directly on the impact of China on the acceleration of the digital transformation.

Without reaching a final conclusion, the exchanges were rich and made it possible to measure the adaptability of our companies to this new world, where Data and mobility are only accelerating under the pressure of the new global and conquering actor, China. The urgency of building pragmatic responses and not falling into pessimism has been blended with some concerns expressed about the incomprehension of some issues by public sector actors.

A convivial cocktail allowed the participants to continue the discussions. We warmly thank all of the guests and participants for this beautiful event.

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Five HR Trends in “China 2.0”

Five HR trends "China 2.0"

This article has been provided by Fiducia Executive Search, China Partner for Lense & Lumen

There are no “one size fits all” solutions to the problems of finding, retaining, and developing talent, but businesses facing similar setbacks tend to come up with similar strategies. These are 5 common ways in which international companies are solving HR challenges in China.

1. Re-think your candidate profile

Multinationals have traditionally had a clear idea of which positions they want to fill with expats, and which ones they need local talent for. Increasingly, the nationality of candidates is not specified by employers and recruiters from the outset, largely because the pool of Chinese professionals with international experience has expanded. Identifying cases where traditional assumptions no longer apply is an easy way of broadening your pool of potential candidates.

2. Build a talent pipeline

Searching for talent is becoming an ongoing and proactive effort rather than a reactive action when there’s a vacancy to be filled. Measures such as maintaining a strong industry network and investing in employer branding can help you build a pipeline of potential candidates. In industries where scarce or highly specialised skills are needed, our clients engage Fiducia’s Talent Mapping service to identify and start building relationships with candidates they might one day need.

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Arrowman / Fiducia meeting in Paris

Benoît Andrade, Philippe Millot and Alexis Brodsky were very pleased to welcome Stefan Kracht and Pierre Gargatte from Fiducia in Arrowman‘s office in Paris on April 15th.

This interesting meeting was the opportunity to consider how L&L Advisory Group can provide Executive Search services to our clients in France and in China.