Meet our international network

International network


Back to work … A nice opportunity to meet our international network !

Lense & Lumen Advisory is an international network co-owned by 5 independent European Executive Search & HR Consultancy firms.
We are pleased to present you our interactive map allowing you to discover our 5 founding firms but also our worldwide partners.
In the next few weeks we will introduce each of our partners: stay tuned.

Don’t hesitate to contact us : for any international search we have a solution !

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CFO promoted to CEO: a passing trend or a real change?

The recent nominations, particularly in the CAC 40, of former CFO to positions of CEO or COO (Danone, AccordHotels, Engie…), more than being emblematic of a trend, appear to translate a deep and durable transformation of the organisation of the companies.

Let’s talk about the context: companies evolve in an environment that is increasingly complex; we can assume that the finance function provides a relevant analysis key, objectively opposable, likely to give credit to a strategy.

Guardian of the financial picture of the company, the CFO has, in recent years, seen its function expand its prerogative to become an indispensable steering lever of the company.

The CFO translates the business and economical situation into financial figures, evaluates the risks and proposes action plans.

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Innovation and digitalization of Mid-Caps, how to identify new growth levers?

The 3500 Mid-Caps and Family Owned Companies play a vital role in the French economy. Thanks to their long-term vision, they sustain their economic cycles and invest durably. They contribute to innovation, creation of value and employment in our country.


How do Mid-Caps approach the digital transformation of the economy?

ARROWMAN Executive Search, who carries out 35% of its recruitment missions of executives and directors for Mid-Caps and Family Owned Companies, has noticed that Mid-Caps, who are traditionally more innovative than firms, are rather behind on these subjects.

By conducting a more in-depth analysis, we’ve observed that the situation is quite heterogeneous and essentially depends on the dynamic generated by the Leaders. Consequently, Mid-Caps are very prudent in their technological choices.

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Compensation study 2017 – German medium-size companies

The Dr. Maier + Partner compensation study 2017 is now also available in English language. The study gives an excellent overview on MD and General Management compensation in mid caps and family owned companies. The results are of specific interest for international campanies recruiting for their German subsidiaries.


First Board Meeting in Paris

First meeting inParis

On the occasion of the annual event of ARROWMAN Executive Search, the founders companies had the pleasure to organize the first board meeting in Paris.

A nice occasion to announce the website opening:

Lense & Lumen Advisory Group represents 70 collaborators including 39 consultants and 25 research officers. On different practices our expert consultants are at your disposal to support your companies in their development and transformation all around the world.

Please feel free to contact L&L team :

We are proud to announce the foundation of Lense & Lumen Advisory Group AG

Board Directors - Lense & Lumen Advisory Group

Lense & Lumen Advisory Group is co-owned by 5 independent European Executive Search & HR Consultancy firms that have decided to join their talents and expertise in order to create a new international organization.

Our five firms have been working together for many years, leading searches for C- level positions and accompanying companies in their international expansion. Read more

Lense & Lumen Advisory Group foundation contract signed !

Lense and Lumen Advisory signature

On the 17th of February, all the founders of Lense & Lumen Advisory Group have signed the statuses of the company.

All the founders are very pleased and impatient to reveal to the world our activities.

Stay tuned, the best is to come…