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Arethusa has been one of the first Recruiting Firms established in Italy specialized in Middle and Senior Management, thanks to the experience acquired by Arethusa Partners and Senior Consultants in the HR departments of leading companies.

Present on the market since 1990, it owes its success to the application of the direct research method (initially reserved for senior management roles) to any role level, and the ability to crosswise follow various industries.

A success proven by the extremely high level of client satisfaction. Clients who have employed our services for years, who know and respect our enthusiasm and the expertise that distinguishes us in all phases of personnel research and selection.


On the basis of the brief agreed with the client, the direct research method sets out to identify professionals available on the market who are in line with the defined profile. With in-depth knowledge of the labour market, we are able to help the client understand what the market offers, in order to find the correct balance between the need to hire and the relevant job panorama.

A valuable service to define the operational structure of certain corporate functions, through a process of benchmarking with peer organizations in the relative field.

A global evaluation of individuals (candidate or employee), considering their resources and their areas of possible improvement. To carry out these assessments we employ an extremely reliable and well-established evaluation system used by leading multinational corporations.

Arethusa staff includes coaches with credentials from the ICF-International Coaching Federation, the largest international association of professional coaches.

Additionally, we are able to carry out customized corporate projects in order to improve the organizational structure, the corporate environment or to develop organizational benchmarks.

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Francesco de Mojana

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