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Lense & Lumen Adivsory Group

We offer experts from a wide range of countries

We operate in many different countries and are very well networked.

Decades of experience in many different industries

In whichever field of activity your project falls, we have the best industry knowledge.

Accumulated knowledge of all our members

We are close allies and share knowledge, experience and expertise to achieve the best result for you.


Our international executive search network helps you find the right executives for your company

We fill executive positions for your company in many countries. The members of the Lense & Lumen Advisory Group have many years of experience in filling C-level and board members positions and operate in many different industries and markets. Our network includes partners with a wide range of specialisations in executive search, and through our excellent information structure and direct exchange of knowledge and experience, we guarantee you and your company the best possible staffing in every target region, industry and market.

Once we have received your enquiry, suitable members of the Lense & Lumen Advisory Group will contact you immediately in order to place the appropriate personalities in the vacant positions and ensure your company’s success.

We unite knowledge and experience in international executive search

What we can do for you

We fill vacant executive positions with the right personalities in many industries and countries. As a renowned international network, we offer you decisive advantages through knowledge transfer to benefit in filling vacant management positions:
C-Levels, Board Members and all other executive positions
Our advisors provide a wide range of knowledge
We are already active in 25 industries
We already successfully served more than 1,000 clients
We are active in 24 countries and counting
We guarantee you a tailor-made service solution
We are already operating in numerous sectors

We fill your vacant positions in a
wide range of industries

Our network and its members are versatile. We are active in all industries and enable a fast, targeted and efficient process through the transfer of knowledge within the Lense & Lumen Advisory Group. We fill executive positions in a wide variety of fields. Among others:
Our specialised partners support each other with their diverse experience and knowledge in order to present the best possible candidates to your company.

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We are active in over 20 countries for your business success

Countries we operate in

The Lense & Lumen Advisory Group consists of sixteen members who operate in over 20 countries and significant markets to find the most suitable leaders for you and your company. Our key markets include Central and Southern Europe, as well as the UK and the Nordic countries. We are active in North, Central and South America as well as South East Asia and Oceania.

Our specialised partners support each other with their diverse experience and knowledge in order to present the best possible candidates to your company.
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Numerous successful projects are proof of our success

Lense & Lumen has already been able to place many high-ranking international executives

The Lense & Lumen Advisory Group has already served more than 1000 clients in successfully and sustainably filling executive positions. Some of our most recent successful placements were:
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