Why you should join us

Becoming a member of the
Lense & Lumen Advisory Group

Become a strong and active part of the network

We have members in many different industries and are internationally well-connected.

We help your business grow

We have members in many different industries and are internationally well-connected.

Let's internationalise your business together

We have members in many different industries and are internationally well-connected.

Why you should become a member
of the L&L Advisory Group

work with partners, not with competitors

Business growth is a crucial aspect of any organization’s success. It is essential to have strategies in place to expand and thrive in an ever-changing market. Maximize your success by joining a successful network. Being a member of an international network and having partners in other countries will enable you to:

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member of an international network

Being able to assist your clients abroad and help them work with partners, not with competitors. Support your clients abroad by providing trusted Executive Search solutions will provide your brand and your company with an international image and dimension:

Involving your team in new and international projects lets them:
criteria for becoming a member

Is the L&L Advisory Group for you?

The main criteria for this membership were established by the founders and have remained to this day:

Being independent - we are entrepreneurs and shareholders of our companies
We are not a member of an international network other than L&L
We create no territory competition in any country with an existing L&L Advisory Group member
Our business model is based on the retainer fee concept
Being focused on C-level & middle management and subject expert matter positions
Being the best possible partner in terms of chosen sectors and market expertise

What you can expect from being
part of the L&L Advisory Group

Strong DNA and identity unify the Group:
An active, living and engaged Network:

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The members of Lense & Lumen

READY FOR New business opportunities?

Are you interested in becoming a Member of the Lense & Lumen Advisory Group?

READY FOR New business opportunities?

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A generalist network that covers core segments in relevant industries

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This is why you should join us:

Become a strong and active part of the network
You will have the opportunity to participate in transversal projects and strengthen your own profile.
We help your business grow
Grow through shared results and experiences. Discover and realise new opportunities.
Let's internationalise your business together

Participate in and profit from international projects. Benefit from our strong network.

direct access to 73 senior consultants in 12 countries

Lense & Lumen offers a wide range of services


Personality assessments are primarily relevant when you as the client have completed the first part of the recruitment process and wish to strengthen the basis for your decision regarding the final candidates. It is also relevant if you would like an assessment of an unsolicited applicant or of an internal candidate, for example for the purpose of a career boost.

A personal assessment is rooted in a job profile and a briefing from our client. Based on the job profile, we test the candidate’s personality and IQ, conduct in-depth interviews with the candidate and take the 3-5 most important references. Then we make a written and an oral report and compare it with the job profile.


When the success criteria are changing, the manager is the one to develop the fastest. Time becomes a critical factor and it might be relevant to focus and accelerate the manager’s development. Our program one-to-one Manager Development is based on the performance improvement the manager is to achieve and the business critical tasks to be solved while the manager is developing.

We create a quite unique Return-on-Investment for our clients, simply because the managers’ development is being accelerated and strengthened while they maintain their primary tasks on the job. We raise the bar for the manager’s performance and add focus on those business critical and personal factors which are to secure the necessary “breakthrough” for the manager. Results are created on the job – not in the classroom.

We coach the manager with focus on the manager’s critical management skills – the ability to set the course, execute, create successful cooperation relations and free energy within the organisation. One-to-one manager development is a process of typically 4-6 months with coaching meetings every two to three weeks. The manager’s immediate manager will be involved in the start-up and in the end. One-to-one Manager Development is also an integrated part of our Manager Development programmes which typically involve the executive board or management team.


Any executive level strengthening of an organisation creates the potential to develop the business, often under market conditions which frequently change and create a need for innovation in the boardroom. Our experience has taught us that marginal differences are often what make the difference.

Our accuracy is extremely high. We believe that this is due to our approach as management consultants where insight in business, organisational and management issues are naturally integrated in our hiring processes. Our processes are thoroughly tested and our consultants are among the most qualified and experienced consultants in the field. Our high accuracy means that we can offer our clients the best employment guarantee on the market.

Management Development

Development of managers’ performance should always find its basis in the business. In which areas do we seek to create better results? What will it take from our management team and our managers – something that they do not deliver today? Management development can focus on both the management team as well as on the individual managers. We facilitate Management Development programmes which typically run over a period of 6-12 months and involve full management teams. The programmes create extraordinary results for our clients. Our clients typically achieve a return on investment of 5-10 times the money invested in the programmes.

Through the years, we have been coaches and sparring partners to hundreds of managers at all management levels – typically in processes of 4-6 months. The goal is to develop managers who learn quickly and solve complex challenges in their jobs. We experience that managers develop faster “in action” and “on the job” compared to the learning that they can achieve in education programmes and courses and which they subsequently have to apply to their own lives. By linking business development and management development, we create unique business results for our clients focussing on the company’s top and bottom lines.