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MenT Associates

Who we are

MenT was founded by Guy (M)ichiels and (en) Marc (T)heuns in 2001.

We are based in Antwerp, the industrial heart of Belgium with the port and one of the world’s most important chemical clusters in our backyard.

As an independent and committed HR service provider, MenT provides high-quality and proactive support in the recruitment and evaluation of talent. We do this starting from a strong methodology and the extensive expertise of our people, but mainly from the conviction that excellent performance of both companies and their employees is the result of a good match between the company culture and the norms and values of the (potential) employee.

We see human capital as the only true asset through which modern companies grow and succeed. MenT wants to be the expert that helps organisations to strengthen and develop their human capital to the maximum.

All MenT-colleagues share the following values. They represent how we interact with clients, candidates and with each other. These values are not just words on paper, they drive our decisions, on how we do business, but also on who we welcome in our team: warm, authentic, open, responsible and team-oriented.


MenT offers a broad portfolio of activities in which the tailored approach to the client is essential. Our consultants help clients with:

  • Direct & Executive Search
  • Testing & Assessment
  • Consulting

Over the years, our core competences have grown in a number of sectors:

  • Industry (Chemical, Petrochemical, Metal, Mechanical Engineering, Food)
  • Logistics (Trading, Distribution, Transportation)
  • Construction
  • Energy, Electricity, Environment, Safety
  • Non-Profit and Governmental Affairs
  • IT & Telecom

Expert Consultants

Fatos Yilmaz

Senior Consultant

Nathalie Holthof
Associate Partner
Suzanne Fonck

Senior Consultant

Tim De Pauw
Managing Partner
Yannick Theys