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Disclaimer webpages as well as their content are intended for use through Swiss residents. The following legal notices hence only apply for the use of the respective websites in Switzerland and under the corresponding national laws, regulations and restrictions.


Lense & Lumen Advisory Group has the copyright and all rights are reserved. All texts, pictures, graphs as well as trademarks published on this website are subject to copyright and national laws governing intellectual property. Through explicit written permission only through Lense & Lumen Advisory Group may content be used, they must not be used for commercial or third party purposes, saved, forwarded, edited, copied, transmitted, altered or dealt with by any means. Citation is permitted as long as the source is disclosed, private noncommercial copying and downloading is permitted.

Data protection

Lense & Lumen Advisory Group is obeying all relevant legal provisions and regulations as well as implications arising therefrom as made mandatory by the respective federal laws (Bundesgesetz über den Datenschutz, DSG). International accessibility of the Lense & Lumen Advisory Group webpages does not automatically imply that they are subject to data privacy laws or regulations of third countries; these are explicitly excluded. In the context of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) section 3 is applicable for Lense & Lumen Advisory Group in specific business cases, especially if services are provided. Any resulting obligations are being obeyed. This entails in particular the consent to use personal data, the right to access of any saved data and the revocation of these data.

Use and disclosure of personal data and appropriation

Lense & Lumen Advisory Group makes sole use of the visitor’s personal data for technical administrative purposes to manage its contact form internally in order to respond to visitors requests. Third parties get no access to this data nor is it volunteered by any means. The single one exemption is people-related data to public institutions and offices as it may take place only upon order within the framework of the relevant national legal requirements. Co-workers that need to deal with personal data obtained must follow confidentiality rules. Personal data that is volunteered by the user within the context of an assignment or recruitment process will be passed on only trough explicit consent by the user to potential future employers or within a selection process. Data is stored upon revocation by the user.


Lense & Lumen Advisory Group webpages use session cookies only. These small files enable specific functions and optimize the user experience. Session cookies will be deleted upon closing the browser or ending a session on Lense & Lumen Advisory Group pages. Local settings enable, limit or exclude session cookies. Hence the functionality of the webpages might be limited.


Data is secured by technical and organizational means and safety measures. This is to prevent data authorized to manage against accidental or purposeful manipulation, loss, destruction or access on the part of unauthorized people or third parties. These measures are continuously updated regularly to state of the art technology.


The Lense & Lumen Advisory Group websites have been compiled using care and are updated on a regular basis. Reading and making use of content of Lense & Lumen Advisory Group webpages is by no means a service agreement or service contract between user and Lense & Lumen Advisory Group. Information on this website is not a covenant or warranty in any form, explicitly or implicitly. Liability for accuracy, currentness and completeness of the webpages is explicitly excluded. Liability for damage of any kind caused by direct or indirect use of Lense & Lumen Advisory Group webpages is excluded. Except if the damage can be attributed to purpose or gross negligence of the provider per the Swiss code of obligations (OR article 100).