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ARROWMAN Executive Search

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ARROWMAN Executive Search is an independent direct approach recruitment consultancy firm. We assist companies in their development and transformations in France and abroad.

With entrepreneurship and pragmatism, our consultants provide their expertise and commit to the full comprehension of their projects in order to ensure efficient results.

Our approach, aimed towards innovation and the pursuit of added value for our clients, applies in France, and is internationally managed by our Lense & Lumen network.

The firm ARROWMAN Executive Search extends this approach for Mid-Caps and family businesses.


ARROWMAN Executive Search is an independent direct approach recruitment consultancy firm. Its positioning at the centre of INNOVATION stands out markedly for its clients.

Our primary goal is to add value for our clients and help improve their financial performance, while continuously ensuring we anticipate changes in organisations and client services.

  • After an in-depth analysis of our clients’ requirements, ARROWMAN Executive Search offers the most suitable solutions in terms of the direct approach of executives and experts.
  • We also carry out competitive intelligence and structural analysis on organisations to provide our clients with a global and comparative outlook (benchmark) of the main players developing on their market.
  • ARROWMAN Executive Search finally offers its clients recognized and high-performing assessment tools implemented by qualified consultants.

Expert Consultants

Benoît Andrade


Alexis Brodsky


Eudes Le Gars


Anne Mazuel


Philippe Millot


Hervé Novelli


Franck Pasquet


Jean-Pierre Scandella

Founder & Managing Director

Patrice Sinthon


Marie-Jo Villegas