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Who we are

Stardust Search is an executive search firm located in the heart of Stockholm holding an expertise in finding key candidates (CxO and board members) with the right skills and ability that best suits our clients company culture and future business needs.

We understand the challenges of the new era and the importance of recruiting people who can lead organizations in line with the rapid changes taking place in business and the world around us.


We base our search and selection using modern tools with high validity.

Based on an analysis of the corporate culture and the candidate’s knowledge, skills and motivation, we ensure that every recruitment becomes a long-term solution. In addition to executive search, we offer board recruitment as well as board evaluation.

Stardust Search is a part of the Stardust Group which includes our advisory sister-company, Stardust Consulting. Stardust offers the entire chain within talent management, that is how to attract, develop and engage employees to meet the future in business.

Expert Consultants

Thomas Agrell

Senior Executive Search Consultant

Martina Brandt

Senior Executive Search Consultant

Henrik Ihre

Senior Executive Search Consultant

Christine Martin

Founder & Managing Partner

Ulrika Mehrotra

Senior Executive Search Consultant

Johan Röhl

Senior Executive Search Consultant